Online Education Facility For Pro Athletes

InterMission is a community for elite athletes to access career training, transition coaching, and resources that prepare this group of high potential entrepreneurs to earn a living and continue to make a social impact for decades

Who we are.

InterMission is a marketplace focused on continuing education and career development services tailored to elite athletes. As an athlete, you strive to be the best at what you do...InterMission strives to be the best at crafting technology solutions and convening viable transition specialists. But we don’t stop there, we help representatives from sports teams, sports agencies, and sports governing bodies assist their players.

We’ve created a place to match you, your players, or clients' career goals to offseason programs, career coaches, experts, resources, and curated content to help athletes compete for social and business championships post-sports.

a personalized education search in three simple steps


connects athlete learners with trainers, instructors, coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs all practiced in supporting complex life transitions

How it works.

Browse the marketplace for courses, career coaches and content that resonate with the next chapter in your career, or take our personalized quiz to give you personalized recommendations to resources in our marketplace that’s curated just for you.

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We started with an idea and launched this initial marketplace....

from there we've

Stay tuned for the beta version of the marketplace app, and other tools we are building in the lab, coming to our product suite soon.


Elite Athlete research demonstrates that continued educational development throughout sports careers is mutually complementary to elevated and prolonged athletic achievement.

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