Monthly Coaching Series with Doug Smith


Include Coach Doug Smith as one of your guides on your career development journey.  Learn directly from author, speaker, executive coach and consultant who overcame a broken neck to become a leader helping thousands of people every month.

Athlete Learners define the scope of the coaching relationship and the Coach actively personalizes their specialities to your unique and timely focus areas.

Product Description

Start your Monthly Coaching Series with Mental Performance Specialist & Post-Professional Hockey Player Doug Smith.


Enroll in a series of weekly hour-long sessions with Doug to accelerate your career development by understanding and creating strategy for your personal performance.


IM Coaching Subscriptions

Athlete Learners are encouraged to self-design the order and frequency of each coach relationship so that their guidance can be aligned with their unique career trajectory. After enrolling for consecutive months, subscribers can continue to use the full monthly subscription, or they can arrange coach calls one at a time.

Subscription Benefits

Intermission’s career coaching is delivered in subscriptions and provides access to a vetted roster of life and career coaches. Many are former athletes themselves and have experience in leadership positions post sports.

These subscription packages are offered in monthly packages and come with a dynamic set of resources and learning activities all accessible in a private, online learning management system.