Independent Study Program with Doug Smith


Work with Trauma, Transition, and Mental Performance Specialist Doug Smith, a former NHL Veteran and active Business Leader.

During this ten week program, Athlete Learners will explore and activate strategies to develop higher performance.  Overcoming challenging circumstances, whether it is a severe injury or complications that may be below the surface.  Enroll Coach Smith and his System 438 to plan and begin executing the next stage of transformation in your life.

Product Description

Unlock High Performance Independent Study Program

This program is an on-demand, live masterclass with Transition Coach Doug Smith.  It runs ten consecutive weeks during your sports offseason, and includes weekly sessions with the Primary Instructor (Doug Smith) and five more Guest Lecturer sessions with other subject matter experts are scheduled throughout the program.


15 Training Sessions

This package includes a total of 15 hours of Live Training Sessions guided by the Primary Instructor Doug Smith, and his team of Guest Lecturers.



Request the full program syllabus and/or set up a short intro call to answers questions about this InterMission Independent Study Program by > emailing > include “Transforming Through Trauma in the subject line > and include your request (program syllabus, intro call with InterMission rep, intro call with Doug Smith, or another inquiry).


ISP Structure

InterMission education programs are led by a primary instructor who works with a current or former athlete over the course of three consecutive months. The primary instructor guides sessions multiple times a week during the athlete’s offseason, and is tasked with supporting the athlete learner’s achievement of the learning goals outlined in this document. Along the way, guest lecturers complement the lead instructor by providing depth to the training experience and grant exposure to different leadership roles in the desired field.

ISP Schedule

During Independent Study programs, learners login to live course instruction (one-hour sessions, two days each week) through virtual video calls. In addition to the live sessions, students will be assigned other educational content on a weekly basis. Students will also have a virtual meeting (one-hour session once per week) with a life coach or practitioner who has experience in communications, speaking, performance, writing, or broadcast production. Independent Study programs run for approximately 12 weeks. A hypothetical preview of the schedule is included here; showing sessions with the Primary Instructor in gold, and sessions with Guest Lecturers in green.

ISP Athlete Learner Commitments

On a weekly basis, learners conduct three, one hour-long live sessions with their primary instructor. This time investment is complemented by approximately seven plus additional hours each week when the learner is working on storytelling, performance skills development, and holding meetings with associates regarding future career opportunities.

The three meetings every week include:
• Two with the Independent Study Program primary instructor
• One additional with rotating guest instructors