Online Course by Doug Smith


Learn from Trauma, Transition, and Mental Performance Specialist Doug Smith, a former NHL Veteran and active Business Leader.

This course was created by Doug so that his model can support a wider pool of leaders.  This elearning course is available on-demand and takes approximately ten hours to complete.

Product Description

Unlock High Performance Independent Study Program

Our brain desires one thing. It wants to get better & then better again. System 438 is a safe and peaceful path to understanding trauma, healing, and renewal.


Ideal for Elite Athletes to define and advance their long-term performance goals

This course is for individuals, communities, and businesses with:

  • A burning desire to understand the emotional and financial cost of Trauma
  • Need to reduce cumulative emotional trauma in their community or workplace
  • A burning desire to improve personal, business or social performance
  • A need to recover after catastrophic physical trauma
  • A burning desire to continuously improve mental performance
  • Interest in helping family members and close friends
  • A burning desire to do good for the world


System 4.3.8

Awareness about why and how System 438 can work for you
4 – The human species suffers from only 4 types of trauma. 3 types of trauma we can see so we deal with what we can see. The last type of trauma is mostly invisible to us so we do not deal with it and it hurts us. You will be educated on all 4 types of trauma and how to deal with them quickly and efficiently. System 438 will show you how to protect yourself, lead with confidence and consistently achieve phenomenal outcomes

3 – What controls us? How does it work? The subconscious brain controls more than 95% of our human functioning. The good thing is that our subconscious brain has only 3 priorities. You will learn the 3 priorities of your subconscious brain and how you can consistently fuel these priorities with 8 specific behaviours.

8 – Behaviours drive System 438. There are 8 specific behaviours feeding the 3 priorities and those behaviours can be cultivated using simple, memorable actions every day. You will learn these actions.
The three meetings every week include:
• Two with the Independent Study Program primary instructor
• One additional with rotating guest instructors