Mental Health Literacy App

Athlete MH L*I*N*K Mobile App- “Putting Mental Health Education & Resources in the Palms of our coaches and athletes hands!”

Although, there are numerous programming options for athlete populations, there is still a void in the integration of technology & mental health. Our Athlete Mental Health L*I*N*K mobile app was designed to Educate, as well as provide Resources & Support to the athlete population. We are looking to integrate better ways of using technology to de-stigmatize seeking MH support, create better athlete specific support communities and provide basic MH education.


Product Description

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“FREE” version offers – 15 Lists of Signs & Symptoms for Common MH Issues; 20+ National Crisis Helplines/Resources; MH Strategies & Techniques;  Athlete MH Stats.

“BRANDED“ versions include all the above… PLUS personalized contact information in Your Organizations colors & logos; Your Organizational Mental Health Professionals; Your Community Resources!

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Cutler Wellness Programs

CWP offers several ways to support the mental health of our professional, collegiate, and high school athletes & players. We strongly ADVOCATE for ALL professional/collegiate athletic departments to designate a singular person to manage their Athletes mental health.

Professional athletes should be provided educational resources along with clinical options that our built for them. Our collegiate athletes should be provided a confidential, coordinated Mental Wellness Program that is “integrated” into their athletic curriculum. We have created Mental Health Educational Seminars to educate and engage athletes in the best practices to maintain mental health, identify if they or a team member may be experiencing issues that require additional help by reviewing signs and symptoms of common athlete issues, what’s the difference between Mental Performance training/Psychology and Mental Health Clinical Intervention. We conclude by offering players & athletes what does seeking help look like and specifically who to turn to at the pro-organizations or on their campus. We offer coaching seminars that educate on how to provide a positive Team culture, signs and symptoms of mental health issues and best practices in dealing with an athlete that may be struggling with mental health issues.